Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Photo Final Reflection:

1. Spend some time reviewing your photography portfolio - including your work in Photo 1.
  • I often notice that the subject is in a corner
  • Eyes are often looking towards the opposite corner and seem in though
  • The thoughts of the subject are ambiguous and have little to no context clues, unless purposefully contexted.
2. Ask yourself some basic questions about your photography:
      A. What excites you about photography?
  • I always enjoy how life just looks more interesting through the lense. You can manipulate the world to give it the feeling you are looking for. Our eyes automatically adjust and simply view things the way they are. With the camera, you can make things look the way you imagine it in your head.
      B. What do you want to explore more of?
  • The architecture of mother nature. Trying to capture the essence of how nature is structured. Nature is actually highly uniform through patterns such as the fibonacci sequence. (trees, flowers, mountains, coasts, clouds...)
      C. What challenges you?
  • My largest challenge is not necessarily transferring the image I have in my head and manipulate the photo so it appears that way through the lens, but rather transferring the tone/mood/feeling I have in my head into an image in my head in the first place.
      D. Is there something you haven't done that you would like to do?
  • 3D planet photography
  • panorama photography
  • photo mosaic of a single photo through a series of many of the same subject
      E. Are there ideas you have seen (online, or?) that you would like to attempt?
  • Digital photo collage for end of year project of all work through the whole year

Monday, June 2, 2014

Final Photos

Three photos taken of the same water lilly beginning early in the morning while the flower is still "sleeping" and in the afternoon and late evening. 

Photo Essay-- Family Grad Party Weekend

 The last day before my Persian family invades my house. Its the calm before the storm. 
 And then it happened, the suitcases come flying through the door and so do the relatives from California, where I will be at college next year. 
 First dinner the night my family came. Not so calm anymore. 
 And the moment we have all been looking forward to- the Grad Party. Guests start pouring in to celebrate. 
One of my final photos I took this weekend. This is my funniest craziest cousin and we were exploring Portland all day on his last day. We took a trip up Council Crest and this is where we came out. Had a photo booth moment on the top of this hill on a beautiful day. I set the camera on the ground and set up the setting then left it to take 10 self timer photos, some turned put pretty memorable. 


Thursday, May 29, 2014